Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have, I admit, a bit of a problem when it comes to inviting people over.  Though I hardly keep things military clean, in order to study, I have to have things tidy, or I simply can’t concentrate.  However, when I invite someone over, sometimes they tend to spread out, quite a bit, then make a mess, and then, when they leave, they simply don’t acknowledge the mess.

In other words, I’ve invited people into my house that have made a mess, and while, I wouldn't expect them to clean it all, or even most, I do hope that they will at least put their dishes in the sink.

Well, I’m not the only one.  The American people invited into our lives, these men and women of Congress.  Some have been there so long, that no amount of cleaning around them, seems to do the job.  They just make more mess.  Others are new, and make a stab at pretending to clean, but don’t do it either.

Luckily, this is an invitation we give, every few years, and like whenever you share a house, it is those in the majority, who get to decide who stays and goes.  And sometimes, right around the time, that we issue this invitation, we find our house tidy and neat, even around those long time mess-makers.

It is as neat as a clever child’s room.  They’ve simply hidden it all away. Unfortunately, this is enough to fool the majority of the people into saying ‘Look at this person, look how good they have done.  Let’s have them stay longer.’

And so, they do, and then you go to clean under the bed, and in the closets, and, well, you discover the truth.

I think it may be about time, that we do not forget how messy these long time guests have been, or how they don’t even put their dishes, in the sink.  When someone cannot do even that most basic of chores, well, sometimes something must be done.  And right now, I think that something is abundantly clear.

It is time to clean house:  to dust our shelves, to organize our closets, and to stop hiding things under the bed.  We should not re-invite these guests that we call congressmen, that we call senators.  We should not say ‘Look how good you’ve done.’

Perhaps, they’ve tidied one or two spots, in one room, maybe they've put up their clothes, but there are still legos on the floor.  But that doesn’t change the fact, that they didn’t put their dishes in the sink.  They’ve made a mess of things.  I think it may be time, to ask them to leave.

One Final Byte:  I can only hope the majority says out.