Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week Thirty-two: Yeah, Not much.

Week Thirty-two

So two weeks since the last post of this type, makes this a post about what's been happening! Honestly? Not much! I know, I know, "You're in another country, and you aren't doing anything? What's wrong with you!"

Well, let's just say there are plans in the works, but I'm in college, dudes and dudettes. And it's that cold time of year again, which means going out into that fierce and unfriendly cold isn't my forte. It's cold out there!

However, there have been some amusing highlights. Last week, for instance, I was at work and left the drive thru for a few minutes to get something from the back. I come back and someone put a religious tract in the drive thru. It was nice! Little surprises, you know. They had done it to both windows, and I ended up giving mine to a German.

I have discovered I have a pet peeve. People who have to be the best in absolutely everything they touch. I can't imagine they have happy lives though, as there will always be someone better. That's kind of life, after all!

Also, I think by this time next week, I may have reached 500 page views! Super woah! Considering this started just for my family in Alabama, I'm impressed! Also, a shout out to my favorite people in the world: Hi Miss G! Hi Big Sis! Hi Brother In Law! I have got to come up with some nick for you or something. That is just sad.

Anyway, finals are next week, but I think I got that down pat, and found a few additional study resources. Tow of my classes I had finals for last week! An A in one and a B in the other, due to a minor dispute over when I turned in my paper. My computer time stamp insists it was on time, but hey. Can't win them all!

I'm not too worried about my finals mind.  I tend not to worry over my studies at all.  I've found the harder I try in the majority of cases, the worse I do because I've stressed myself out.  Since it's a math final, all I really have to do it practice the work.  I found a free online textbook, and I'm using that to get the problems from  I have...a lot of problems.  Around 140, give or take 20.  Because they come from another book, a lot of them are nothing like what we do in math class!

I think I shocked my professor when I asked how to solve a problem than and a logarithm in it, because we haven't don logs as a part of our course.  He answered me though. 

A hint for anyone out there: Creative Commons is an excellent thing.  The book I'm using, Elementary calculus by Keisler, is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.  All that means to me is that it's free, so there.  I wish it was our text book too, because it explains how to do the problems.

Just don't ask me where I picked up my copy, I don't know.  Also, it's pretty much the only math book I've encountered that comes with, you  know, an epilogue.  An epilogue on a math book.  I haven't read it yet, but I am curious!

I've actually been planning a lot more than studying lately, and managed to get my Christmas gifts online quickly enough that I hope they'll arrive soon.  Tow have!  Unfortunately, the ones I'm shipping out will probably be late, due to lack of trip to pick up a box to put them all in.  And I need to wrap and label them. One of the gifts, I'm especially not certain about, but I had to change the intended gifts at the last second due to odd circumstances.  However, I hope most of them will be well received!

My dad's already made it clear my gift won't actually make it until January, because everywhere is sold out, even the factories.  In other words, they didn't make near enough!  IT makes me sad, but I'm good.  After all, I'm still getting one, just late!

I kind of hope they wrap it anyway, because I like unwrapping the best.  It's the anticipation, I think.

One Final Byte: Sharing is one of those things quick forgotten.

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