Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week Thirty-Six: Accidents in Scheduling

So, it turns out, rather than schedule blogs for January. I keep scheduling them for other months. Whoops! I got the order wrong again. I really have to stop that.

Anyway, this is the time when I discuss what's happened to me!

The biggest thing is that my shift at work has changed, thus the hours I am awake have changed. This means I sleep earlier and wake up earlier than before. Also, it's been warm enough to bike! Yay, biking! Mind you, it's still very, very wet. It solves a lot of transportation issues though.

I did find an old math test of my little sister's the other day. I take the blame for her answer, as we used multiplication charts to check her answers in math once she was done.

Question: How can you find the answer to 11 x 12?
Her Answer: A Multiplication chart.

The teacher did not count this correct why? That's how I would find the answer. Or a calculator. Or in my head. I mean really. That's totally the right answer. I've also applied at the University of Alabama Huntsville, and will submit the blasted application once it accepts credit cards again. I'm assured this will be soon.

Oh yes! A German New Year! I gotta discuss this.

So I was supposed to work the next morning, but ended up not going in. Either way, I skipped out on the work party because I knew I'd be too tired. Instead, I spent it with my family. Our neighbors spent it firing off firework. In fact, the whole town, in town limits and everything, were firing Fireworks off that barely went above the houses in some cases. Our neighbors were aims above their house...but went off about ten feet from our balcony!

Fireworks are big here for the New Year We had a good two hours worth, I assure you. Two hours of fireworks, starting about 30 minutes before and ending around 2 am. They like the fireworks here, and most of these were from our next door neighbor, who set off a new one every five seconds it seemed. It was beautiful. And Auld Lang Syne makes a beautiful back drop for this, absolutely gorgeous.

I've also enrolled in Psychics, General Aeronautics, and one other course that I just cannot recall the name of but it also relevant to my degree. I can't wait to get started, but that's not until the fifteenth, of course.

Also, I burned rice. I was reading at the time. Cooking and Reading do not go hand in hand!

Not much else has happened that I can recall. Anyway, I'll see you all next week.

One Final Byte: Biking weather: No Freezing Rain, above 36 degrees.

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