Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week Forty: Oh no! I grew a year!

That's right, the unthinkable has happened. I have aged! I deny it, I deny it! Yet I still find it to be true. For some odd, odd reason, I'm 22 now. I think it's because my birthday has past! What an extraordinary event! And to mark my birthday I...went to work. Shoot, it's official, I'm growing up. When did that happen? Geez Louis! Anyway, my birthday gift to myself is coming, I promise. It's a little delayed, but I can't wait!

So I haven't actually told you all what's been going on since Amsterdam! An awful lot, to tell the truth, though if I recall it all or not is debatable. The biggest issue has been the lack of textbooks. ALL my textbooks were delayed and came in late. Every. Single. One. I ordered them in December and the last came in just yesterday, a good four weeks into the class. Oh the make up work I will be doing today.

I'm not going to joke, it's going to be pretty intense trying to catch up, but I'm so super awesome I can handle this and more! I'm me, and I can handle anything I believe I can, and I know I can handle this. You can blame my grandparents for that mindset! I'm pretty certain Grandpa and Grandma think nothing is impossible for our family. (I'm pretty certain they're right!)

Oh, by the way, it's snowed here twice! Snow is somewhat evil, just so you know, and I spent the entire first draw it snowed with a blanket over my head pretending I did not see that white fluffy stuff falling down, and promising I would have to shovel it come the next morning. I didn't end up having to shovel, but I might be called up for it one day.

Okay, so one of my textbooks is about the people in the air plane industry dealing with the grief on 9/11 and has diddly squat to do with the course. In other words, what the dickens Embry Riddle! What. The. Dickens. I receive a list of links for this online course every week. No textbook, nothing? That book on dealing with grief is not an Aeronautical Science textbook. Bad Ju Ju, little monkeys. Bad Ju ju. I could spin that into how horrible the college system now is, and how clearly corrupt, but I'll be polite. This week.

My step-grandmother has arrived for an extended stay of indeterminate time. She shall be referred to as Baba, not that I have any hope of ever spelling her actual name remotely correctly. She doesn't speak English, and I don't speak Bulgarian, but she can roughly get the point across, a little bit, if we both speak slowly enough the other can catch a few words. Most, I make the fourteen year old translate, if it's important.

Baba is a mischievous old woman, who wandered the house her first day here and cause the fourteen year old to absolutely panic. She's been viciously cleaning and reorganizing everything without warning. My room is on her list one of these days. So long as she doesn't move the gnomes, and I have prior warning, I think I might manage it for a short bit. Maybe. Who am I kidding, I'll probably have a very quiet panic attack over the fact that she rearranged my stuff.

I have determined the reason I get hiccups once a week: God likes my reaction, and desperate attempts to end them all. That or I laugh a lot.

I was also given a handful of books from my niece! These will go in the same box as the Christmas gifts, once I find a box I trust to be shipped safely. Hm. Christmas may come in June this year.

Oh yes! I also got stuck under my bed. One fo my mancala marbles rolled under, and I had to shimmy under to retrieve it. It appears my derriere does not shimmy under beds correctly.

But the biggest and the best news is I solve Lewis Carrol's riddle!

How is a raven like a writing desk?

SPOILER: They both have poetry written on them!

Carrol came after Poe. It's a reference! I feel brilliant. Then again, the answer can vary from person to person too.

I watched the Super Bowl! Well, the first half. It was very nice, but entirely too late here to watch it all. This saddens me.

Anyway, that's all that I've been up to! I know it was all kinds of disjointed, and for that I apologize, but it's late here, and I have a lot of studying to do still. Maybe I should start ordering my books two months in advance! This was ridiculous!

One Final Byte: The dresser gnomes stare at the armoire gnome.

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