Wednesday, July 25, 2012


As you read this blog, there is a high chance that right now, this very moment I am traveling.  Bwahahahahahaha!  I believe evil laughter is surely required, because guess what! I’m on the road again! Everybody break out into that one twangy song no one can remember more than a few words to. 

Good.  Now that that’s out of our system!

Has anyone else noticed how very odd traveling by airplane is?  In order to go south, first you have to go north, inevitable, to get to another plane which will then take you south.  East and West pull the same sort of hijinks.  It’s all very odd, don’t you think?  In Europe, it’s not so bad, but here in the States, I get sent every which way but the right way!

There is no such thing as a straight line in air travel here.  No wonder everyone gets all turned around.

Of course, this usually doesn’t apply to car rides, but despite how sensible car rides can be, they take longer.  Besides, unless you have a family with children attached, they rarely cost less than the airplane ticket does.

Summer in sweet Maryland was wonderful.  I held down a part time job, with decent enough hours for my much needed re-Americanization period, and got a chance to breathe and take a break. It helps when the work doesn’t really feel like work. Much too easy.

Next summer, I hope for something more of a challenge, and to get a job with Space camp.  Working with kids is always a challenge, so it should be fun!  This is, of course, a hope.  But can you imagine Space camp?  Man. Even being a counselor there would be fun.

This being my choice if I don’t somehow get a summer internship of course.  The camp is done at my college, so I am hopeful to get a job there.

Ah, but ya’ll don’t want to hear about something happening next year.  You want to hear about Maryland.

I will tell you now I very purposefully lived an adventure free life while visiting Maryland.  Very purposefully, as I could have had many adventures, if I so chose.    I got a lot done, despite my claims of it being a veritable vacation, but despite all that got done, and all the studying I did manage, it was still nice to be on vacation for a time.

I will miss Maryland.  I made good friends here.  My coworkers were generally amusing, especially the two younger than me, one who admitted to going to college because it seemed the thing to do to improve her lot in life.  She didn’t feel smart enough to go however, which is worrisome.

There are other career advancing options than college out there.  I told her that is college itself didn’t work out, perhaps she could see about a vocational school or something similar. She had never even heard the term.  That worries me.  However, I have promised myself I shall not rant about the state of education and college alternatives this time.

Instead, I shall redirect my attention to the great Sunday school group I met at my grandparents church, who made me feel very welcome, and were all very kind.  I joined the bible study they held as well, and had a great time making friends there.

Overall though, I’m glad I got to spend time with my grandpa and grandma in Maryland, and I’ve enjoyed my vacation from working as hard as I had been.

And now, now I’m on the road again!  This week I head way down south to visit my sister and her family.  I can’t wait to see them, as I admit they happen to be some of my favorite people out there.  (Especially my niece, I am a sucker for my niece.)

I did mention this was a traveling adventure didn’t I?  No?  I should have, because this is the first of four stops, culminating in a stop on campus for the school year.  All this in three weeks!

But don’t worry about missing out on my blog.  I’ve got it set to post automatically, though I don’t guarantee these posts will be up to date in my latest adventures.  You won’t be missing out however, that’s to be sure!  If I can get to it, then I’ll post a blog updated with what’s going on.  If not, there will be a blog waiting here for you every Wednesday 7 am PST.  Why PST?  Because I can’t figure out how to change it, that’s why.

It’s not that I’m technologically challenged.  It’s that I just don’t feel like finding that setting, because, well, it works just fine for me.  Unlike phones.

Phones and I. Well.

I’m generally pretty proud when I figure out how to call people on those things, especially smart phones.  Those I’m lucky to find the keypad to call at all on, or figure out how to call people.

Why are phones not just phones anymore?  I am not Sailor Mercury.  I do not need a mini-computer in my pocket.

Ah, but I know they are now important to have and such.  As such, I shall cease my rumblings, and move on to sad things.  Sad things being what happened in Aurora on Friday.

I have no words for this.

It was wrong, terribly wrong, and yet nothing will change anytime soon.  As for myself, I believe education is the answer, and a deeper sense of community.  I don’t believe a lock down on anything helps.  I think a culture shift promoted by education on gun use is the answer.  Seems to have decreased teen pregnancy, at least.  I don’t see why it can’t decrease gun related violence.

That’s all I can say, other that I’ll pray for the victim’s family and the victim’s that survived.  Whatever caused this man to do this, whether it was a surplus of stress, or a deep depression, I don’t know, but I hope he gets help in jail.  I sincerely do.

One Final Byte:  I’m rather at home when on the road.

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