Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Bold Statement

Talk about making a statement.  America has made its statement loud and clear.  Ouch.   As of 8.40 pm last night, 42 states had petitions on the white house’s petition page, calling for the secession of their state.  This isn’t by the way, governors, senators, or anyone like that.  No, these are ordinary people, making a petition for the president to see.  Some of the states have multiple petitions even.

Talk about a statement, and one I understand.

These people don’t believe they will be able to secede.  Instead, they are, essentially, giving a vote of No Confidence in the entire Federal Government.  I hope and pray they don’t secede, but I would not be surprised if they did.

Forty-two states.  When I had checked around noon it had been 33 states, and only one had enough signatures.  At 8.40?  Much more.  As of nine pm last night, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas all had even signatures to land their petitions on the President’s desk.

I should note, however, that Missouri’s count was split over two petitions, neither over the necessary 25K, and Georgia had three petitions, the middle one over 25K. Texas, however, only had the one petition at the time, and had over three times the amount of signatures needed.

I think the people have spoken clearly in this vote of no confidence.

But will anybody understand?  Will the politicians hear “They have no confidence in me, personally.”  Or will they hear “It’s all Obama’s fault.”

It’s not his fault. Not entirely, though blame must be shared.  He’s been a semi-decent President.  Not the best, but not the worst.  At best, he’s average.  Unfortunately, he has a congress that won’t play nice.  And even when congress does play nice, he and his fellow politicians seem unable to get work done.

The President has ignored the protesting in the streets.  He’s ignored attempt after attempt to get him to open his eyes.  Corporate media no longer cares.  But…we still do.

I hope this vote of no confidence opens his eyes.  I hope it opens Congress’ eyes.

But I doubt it will, because they choose to be blind.

One Final Byte: One way or another, people will be heard.

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