Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week Eight: Fairs and the Flintstones.

Oh wow, what a week! It's been one adventure after another, and some of them peril-fraught and resulting in injuries! For instance, on Friday, while helping my littlest sister unpack, I ended up injuring my back bad enough that I couldn't go into work! I could barely stand, let alone walk, and not without considerable pain.

On Saturday, much recovered, if still hurting some, we went to a medieval market. This is, in essence, a Renn Faire. I love Renn Faires! It was an absolute blast, the jousting, an amusing competition between different knights, and several horribly mismatched horses. What am I talking about you ask?

Well, you had a thoroughbred up there, a draft horse, a pony, an arabian horse made fo wood, on wheels, with two men dragging it. I kid you not. It was hilarious, because this was supposed to be the 'bad' knight. I couldn't understand a word they were saying, as it was all in German, but I didn't need to. It was great fun all the same.

There was, of course, food and goodies there as well, and lots of people dressed up, cause in costume you get in for free, like at most Renn faires. From vikings to medieval maidens, to one tiny dragon toddler, there were a great many costumes.

I think the entire family had fun there, and I ended up buying a handflower, which is a ring connected by chain to a bracelet and is quite pretty. We all enjoyed ourselves quite a bit, but had to go home early due to the fourteen-year-old's injury. She was trying to walk on stilts. I would have been satisfied if I could just stand on them, which I couldn't but she was trying to walk. Then she fell, and landed very badly. She even left a small dent.

Well, she sprained her ankle, so couldn't walk. She got to be pretty could at hopping though, and her new name is Hopper. Or Gimpy. Hopper is more fun, and reminds me of Thumper.

So we went home and relaxed. The next day I had work, and got sent home after about two hours for nearly fainting in the drive thru. Perhaps I'm not quite ready to return yet. That was highly embarassing. I mean, really self, that's not a good thing at all. I'm just fine now so no worries.

So, on Tuesday, my dad took the littlest to work. I'm sure they had a great time doing something ro another, but I didn't really ask. It's just good that they spent time together. When my dad got home, we all got ready for fun!

That's right....

Bumper bowling!

Let me tell you, I suck at regular bowling. I mean, I make eight year olds look great, and I know, because the littlest beat me. I could probably make a five year old look like a pro. But bumper bowling? Bumper bowling!

It doesn't matter on bumper bowling, because I am so much better there. I still suck, but that doesn't matter because you have bumpers, and you know what bumpers are used for? Bouncing. And there is very little more fun in bowling than bouncing the bowling ball off of the bumpers.

I had a blast! The played 80s and 90s music, so there was, yes, singing along to it. And they didn't play the stupid 90s teenybopper music, which made me happy, because so many places friendly means teeny bopper right?

Does not! Don't lie! Get the teeny bopper music away. I'm not a small child to actually enjoy it. For that matter I didn't enjoy it when I was a small child.

I remember a friend with some celebs face on her shirt once in elementary. Oh was she ever proud of it. Yeah, our friendship had a rocky slide down from pretty much that point Littler me called the shirt, and the singer on it, stupid, after cluelessly asking who it was, and why on earth was she wearing a man on her stomach?

I....still don't get that. Why would anyone wear a celebrity on their stomach? Or their chest, or back, or anywhere really? Seems a bit silly. Always has. Much like teeny bopper music, which brings me right back around to the excellent time I had bowling!

It was the littlest, the middlest and me along with my dad of course, bowling and having fun! There was drama, there were Twinkletoes Flintstone impressions! There were really bad dances lead up to the toss!

All in all it was a hilarious gut busting time full of fun. The littlest apparently enjoys having more than one bowling balls, by the way. It meant that frequently, we'd find a matching bowling ball for ourselves as well, and we kept having to put it back.

One Final Byte: Little sisters are dangerous when armed with toys.

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