Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week Seven: Power Outages, Sisters, and Birthdays

Power Outages, Sisters, and Birthdays

This has been an eventful week! You really don't think a week's been eventful unless something huge has happened normally, but writing this blog has shown me I live an adventure filled life, if nothing else.

This week, everything saved itself up for Tuesday (And Wednesday-morning). I've noticed it has a tendency to save itself up for Tuesdays. They seem to be something special in the week. Now, I would start on last Wednesday, except I can't, because then my end would be my beginning and that is just confusing. So I suppose I should start on some point last week (I still don't know exactly) which was my little sister's 14th birthday. I had work, so couldn't celebrate with her, but I did manage to celebrate with her on Tuesday.

We hung out together, and for once didn't argue once, though there was a lot of playful pushing. We didn't even get on each other's nerves, which considering us is somewhat of a miracle. I suspect the minor emergency the two of us had in the middle certainly helped!

We started the day out hanging out of course. We had planned for about a week to just have a day on the base together. Head to the movies and I'd buy her a book, then we'd eat at burger king. Beyond that, we'd wander around the mall, possibly swim suit sizing for her.

Well, we bought the tickets, then I went to go buy a cell phone. At the bx, you have to show your ID to buy things. I couldn't find mine. I searched my purse and it was gone. We traced our steps-except for going back to the theater.

In a panic, we raced a mile away to the car. Not there, we resolved to first watch the movie, then had to run back. Amazingly we made it all of one minute before the movie was supposed to start...and the movie started late of course.

Still, we had made it! And when I went to ask, hopefully, if someone had turned in an ID card, yes, the theater had it. Emergency averted.

What movie did we watch? Hanna! Would I watch it again: Oh yes!

Hanna was truly excellent, and had me on the edge of my seat, laughing, heartbroken, and wondering. It's better than some books I've read, which from me is high praise, and I'd love to read it one day as a proper book and not a movie turned into a book. There is a distinct difference.

Why was losing my ID card such a big deal. Well, I work on base. And without the ID card, not only can I buy nothing, I cannot get on base, so I cannot, you know, get to work. This Is A Bad Thing. Plus they can demand your ID card at any time, and if you don't get it, there are some Serious Consequences.

So after the movie, we went to go buy the book. Of course the sister bought Rainbow Valley (She loves Anne of Green Gables books.), and something by Nicholas Sparks. After that we ate out at her favorite fast food joint, and hung out a while more, buying our dad something for Father's Day.

But Father's Day was Sunday! You protest mentally as you read the above. Well yes, I counter, but Daddy was TDY. That means He was Temporarily Deployed something-that-starts-with-a-Y-and-means-Elsewhere. He was in America to be exact at some sort of thing that I don't know a single thing about. When he returned, he brought back my littlest sister with him! They arrived back this morning, and is why I couldn't start out with the fact that he was TDY, and wow has getting to and from work been interesting the past ten days. I owe a huge thanks to my co-workers for being so very wonderful.

It was an adventure! Because I had to wait on my co-workers some nights, there were times I didn't get back home until 2 am. I get off at 11.30, but only if my ride is there to pick me up, and when your ride is working also...

Well, let's just say it was full of fun times, and I got to discover how much of a team my shift really is. We've got each others backs!

I haven't seen my littlest sister in years, so I'm totally going to spend time with her this week. She's a little PC gamer as far as I can tell so far.. I may be grossly wrong, but she is pretty awesome, either way.

Oh! And you're probably wondering why the blog is out a couple of hours later than normal? Well it's been storming like crazy here, and this town's power goes out at least once, for a few minutes, in Every Single Thunderstorm. It's interesting, if nothing else, dealing with the power outages that occur so often. I have to reset my clock constantly.

One Final Byte: June is not a warm month here sadly.

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