Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week Thirty: Decorating and Turkey Making!

What have I been up to lately? Loads! Turkey day has come and gone, and I cooked my very own turkey! Or rather, I was put in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving meal and I did super wonderful! Very moist, flavorful turkey. I even made my very own turkey stock! This was used, not for gravy, but for the stuffing and it made it absolutely amazing and delicious. Oh wow, was it ever delicious.  I made mashed potatoes too, though sadly not from scratch, and corn, and carrots, onions, and celery to bake in the turkey drippings.  There was sliced beets and gravy as well!  But I forgot about rolls, and forgot to buy the green bean part of green bean casserole, though oddly we had everything else.  

So what did I do other than cook an absolutely amazing turkey? Well, I called my family in the states, and while it was mostly voice mail, I managed to catch my sister. We talked for a good thirty minutes about life in general. Everything seems going well for both of us, and I felt a great burden lift, just by talking to my family.

That just goes to show you how amazing family is. I called again the next day, to talk to my sister and wish her a very happy birthday, because, well, it was her birthday! I love my family greatly, even if I do hate telephones, so don't talk to them often. Telephones being, you know, these devices used to call me when I'd rather not be called and tell me that I'm needed...at work. People, I love you all, but being needed in life, and needed at work are kind of two very different scenarios.

Speaking of work! I decorated the Christmas tree! I put it up and decorated it one my own on a particularly slow day. My manager was unimpressed with my artisian patience in selecting a good spot for each ornament and insisted I just put them one, about half way through the process. I'm pretty certain there are a lot more ornaments on that tree than she thinks. Some of these ornaments had glitter on them!


Listen closely.

This Christmas, save yourself a lot of sparkling skin and avoid the glitter. It will coat you. It will coat your head. Your clothes. Your hair and your skin will all be dusted with glitter. At the end of it all, you will sparkle in any level of lighting at all for at least three days, and no amount of bathing will remove them all.

It is a nuisance! Also, while there were those silver sparkles strings that people attach to trees in the decoration bag, they remained in the bag, out of the way, because some of us happen to know that those things are bad for you.

They cause excess sweeping syndrome you see.

As in every hour you have to sweep up fifty tiny string that have made their way to the floor half way across the store somehow.

Still, I love the holidays, and I've had a very happy two weeks. I did miss a French ski trip thanks to work, but that's alright. There's another one tentatively planned that I will be attending. Life is good!

Also, I bought a nice warm winter coat. The very next day I tripped while holding coffee and spilt it on one sleeve. The coat, while vaguely and only barely stained, remains a very pretty blue and very warm, which is rather the more important part, I should think.

One Final Byte: Where did all my right hand gloves go?


  1. Hi. I would like to ask for this French ski trip. Please share some info about it, place, resort, etc. thanks.

  2. Family is fun around the holidays. Sorry you had to miss your ski trip.