Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week Twenty-Eight: The devil has taken my English Paper!

Week Twenty-Eight: The devil has taken my English Paper!

So, this is a blog about what I've been up to the past two weeks! I've actually been hard at work on an English paper, and figuring out derivatives. Derivatives aren't so bad, but apparently I need a lot more practice for true understanding. Or maybe a mind transplant. I've been working hard actually, at both. The paper is on 'surprise, surprise' Xenophobia! That' probably why last weeks blog was on it. Let's be honest here. That is exactly why it was.

Now I have a (not) secret to tell. A confession to make, if you will.

I like to talk.

I especially like to talk on paper.

I especially like to talk on paper about my opinion on things.

This means that my English paper, which is supposed to be our opinion our our findings, and how our sources made use feel, had, well, a lot of words, and late last night i discovered something horrifying.

I had a word limit...and was nearly three times over the limit.

Oops. Then again, I don't see how we're supposed to only have one hundred words on each of ten sources. That's not much at all, especially considering the topic was supposed to be about something that perplexed us! That is the very word she used even, she said perplexed!

So my essay is a little...long. And I've been cutting a lot out. An awful lot. I've cut all the ones out that are distinctly me, I've cut out transitions, similes, metaphors, and the beautiful language of prose. I've cut a lot of my feelings out. I've cut, and cut, and cut....I'm still a thousand words over.

This is due midnight EST today, so this blog is going to be very short and sweet.

In other words, as all I've done is study, there's nothing to say, and I've got to go massacre my poor paper some more! Bye!

One Final Byte: Maximum word limits are straight from the devil!

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