Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week Forty-Four: In which my glasses arrive

And I'm working, and studying, and working and studying, and my head is spinning. So these past two weeks, that's what I've done for a trip I'm taking soon, that will likely result in yet another super long extended blog post. Yes, I know, but I think it won't be in three parts like Amsterdam was. Maybe. I'll be packing an awful lot into those few days, so I don't know....

Anyway, in order for me to study and get ahead enough I could, I made a schedule so I could manage that! After all, I'll be fitting in forty hours of studying around work and life in general, so it'll be hard right?

What. Was. I. Thinking?

No seriously I know what happens when I make a schedule and stick to it! I finish that days tasks quickly, because suddenly I have focus. Then I stare at sudden free time, and decide to do something productive. So I do more work, because hey, school work is productive, right? I'm in college, that's my biggest job!

Oops. Focus. I forgot what a focused Marie is like! A dangerous thing is a Marie with focus. Avoid at peril. So I concentrated, and I worked and suddenly, I was done with the week's work, sans two exams...by 2 pm on Sunday. Technically, the exams were scheduled for today. I got bored Monday, and Tuesday, and figured on Wednesday I could do, you know, my pre-trip errands.

So I've been kind of chilling, even while working ahead, because suddenly, I'm stress free and have plenty of time to chill.

Except Friday. Last Friday I did not chill. Why? People called out at work for the next shift. I work mid shift, and all the people who knew drive thru called out on Friday. All of them. They had no one who knew drive thru, but one girl who couldn't stay late, and Friday is one of our 24 hour drive thru days.

So I was asked to stay, and I did stay, but I had forgotten my house keys. This means that I was stuck waking some one up near 1 in the morning so I could get inside. I wasn't impressed, nor were they, and by then, I was more than a little loopy and tired. Still, I managed it.

The shift itself wasn't hard. I kept my energy up with plenty of food (there goes watching what I eat) and got through it all alright, once evening struck with a vengeance. Evening shift is a pretty calm crew.

Oh yes! The big news!

My dad has been in a custody battle over the littlest of course. On Tuesday, he won it. On Friday, he had full custody over her, and they were home again by Sunday, as all that took place in the states, in a gripping legal- Okay so I wasn't there. It was probably somewhat boring, proper and the like. No Judge Judy needed.


She's back again! The littlest sister is back in Germany again! Monday was spent getting her all checked in on base, re-enrolled in school again, and the like. Paperwork, you know? How the government stays afloat.

The next big news: NEW GLASSES! Yes that's right, new full frame black glasses that look excellent on me and come in two lens colors: clear and fuchsia! Gotta have those sun glasses, after all. Very important.

I love the look. I love Zenni Optical. Super cheap prices for excellent quality frames, and a prescription that fits perfectly. I think I'm addicted.

Also, I shopped for new clothes for the upcoming trip, so I'm not just cute on the glasses, I'm cute on the clothes too. Super ready for the weekend, to be super sure! I can't wait to tell you all about it!

One Final Byte: This weekend, I'll see somewhere I've always wished.

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