Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week Five: Just a little busy

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not doing much, and you really ought to be doing more? I had that feeling last week.  It went away quickly.  The last few weeks have apparently been my breathing time this semester.  I do wish someone had told me.

It would have been nice to know at least.

College has, if you haven’t guessed, picked up.  Between club activities, classwork, classes, maintaining some semblance of a social life, and attempting to keep my head on straight, I believe I’ve become mildly overwhelmed.

So the idea of holding a job is a bit of a no go.  One club wants me there a minimum of four hours each week, though they would really expect more like six to ten.  Another club is just beginning, and I’ve been elected an officer there.  Being an officer at a club that’s seeking to become a registered and officially sponsored student event is intense.

We’ll go with intense.

It’s a good word.

Between the three clubs that I am a member of, I have about a part time job I think.  Luckily, one doesn't have frequent meetings. Unfortunately, the other two both have frequent meetings and require a good bit more than any club I've ever been in.

The fact that all of my tests in all my classes are all the exact same week is just super special as well.  I’m still slightly confused as to when I’m supposed to find study time, and have decided that must be what weekends are for.

Now if only they would stop holding parties right outside my window studying would be easier.  It’s not a longing to attend.  Trust me, all the free food in the world could not get me to want to attend these parties.  It’s that they play music that is not conducive to thinking.

I would go to the library to study, but by then, the library is closed.

Well. I’m rather glad I didn’t sign up for another class.  I’m not certain where it would fit on my schedule.

Things will settle down however.  They always do.  In the meantime, the time I have to think deep thoughts for this blog is surprisingly scarce.    I suppose that is part of life, and despite the press of my current schedule, I am having more than just a little bit of fun.  I always did work best under pressure.

I am sorry this isn’t the deeply thought out post I had initially planned on.  I’ve got the notes jotted down somewhere for the inspiration for that one, but I’m short on time as it is.  My lazy days aren’t nearly as lazy as they really are supposed to be.

One Final Byte: I have volunteering problems. I keep saying yes.

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