Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week Six: Writer's Workshop

As the PR officer of the creative writing club on campus, I’m not certain my free time exists.  Apparently, in college, being a club officer is rather more like a part time job without pay than anything else.  It’s an entertaining experience, if nothing else, as I get to design flyers, logos, and devise ways to get the word out that we do exist, and people ought to join up.

One of those ways is a Friday Writer’s Workshop.  In fact, every Friday, it looks like I will be running one.  I can’t help but being highly amused by this as we do have a published writer in the club, though he isn’t an officer.  So the very unpublished by the Publishing Companies writer of this blog, now will teach a Creative Writing Workshop on Fridays.  At four.  Perhaps it’s a good time I didn’t stuff my schedule with another two classes, like they want me too.

My personal favorite so far, is the very short notice I get to put out flyers and information for the club’s novel writing month.  This is, essentially the National Novel Writing Month, moved a month sooner, due to exam time.  Or rather, due to the need to study really hard in November, for the exams the first and second week of December.

I might take part, but with an abbreviated word count on my writing.  That will likely be an option for us.  Perhaps 25,000 a month, rather than the whole 50K!  It leads to about 820 words a day being written, if we do it that way.  A less intimidating amount than 1,667 words a day.

Of course, the whole goal here is to finish the book! I’m counting it as a win if the book is finished, regardless of the length of the novel.  As for the kickoff for the Writer’s Workshop?

We get to learn the most important skill of the novel writing month: not using the delete key.  I plan on making it plain, by giving them all pictures of a key to rip in half.

Because really, who doesn’t love ripping paper in two with a gusto! I happen to love it., and have taken this Writer’s Workshop as an excuse to do so, even if it does mean I have to cut out thirty strips of paper.

Hm.  Perhaps I didn’t think that one through.  Ah well. 

One Final Byte:  Sometimes, raising your hand leads to tricky situations.

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