Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week Nine: Fall is here.

It’s officially fall here, as of this previous week, when the leaves began to chance.  I think it started on Monday, as not all the leaves have begun to, just yet.  Fall is undoubtedly a beautiful season, and one of my favorite seasons by far.  It is neither too hot nor too cold, and the plants are either green and lively or colorful.

  In a way it’s a sad season, though I like to think of it otherwise.  People often say that fall is when the plants are dying.  Now, fall is merely when they finally get to go to sleep.  They’ve been awake, all summer long, after all, and need some rest.

To me, I think being a conifer would be the hardest job out there, always awake, only parts of you allowed to rest at any one time.    If I were to be a plant, I don’t think I could be a conifer.  I’d like to be something else.  Maybe a maple tree. 

If I were a plant.

However, I am not a plant!  I am a college student, which is a rather different sort of thing.  Speaking of, we recently had inspection, and I helped another student clean their room for it, my own room already being clean.  I have decided that I am in the top ten percent of clean people I know.  Maybe even the top five!

It’s an odd thought, considering I’m one of my messiest family members.  I think my summer with my grandparents definitely helped however.  Though that’s not to say my grandpa would find my room ship shape.  The top of my dresser and my desk would bother the fire out of him, I suspect.

Inspection was interesting though.  They walked in and five minutes later were done.  Male RAs did the female rooms and female RAs did the male rooms.   I’ve yet to figure out why, other than, perhaps, to eliminate bias?


I don’t really have much to say to be honest.  I’ve been too busy to think, which may be a dangerous thing.  Perhaps I’ll slow down this next week and assure myself my head is still where tis supposed to be.

If I’m too busy to think after all, what important thing might I have missed?

One Final Byte:  A slow path means you can truly live.

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  1. try removing caffeine from your diet. Then you can think, type, and talk at the same my mind doesn't hear you while I read it and end up reading it quickly just so I can keep up. ;-P