Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Introducing! The Summer Blog!

Pretty new background, isn't it? I do like it. A change in topic certainly calls for a change in colors, and we are switching from my adventures in Europe, and my views on the world, to school preparation! That is to say, I have engaged full throttle into the wonderful world of scholarship funding for my college. This is a weird, weird place to be.

The purpose of this blog has always been two fold for me by the way. It's been a way for me to better myself, and to keep my family abreast of what I'm doing, as picking up the phone is something I struggle with. The topics are only generally organized and generally in a pattern, I know. But the whole point of the blog for me, when starting, was to prove that I could, in fact, stick out posting a full year. And look, I managed it! I could be focused and dedicated enough to keep to a schedule with relatively few hiccups. I could be, in other words, reliable.

I was very proud when the end of the year in Germany came because of this, but then I realized one thing. I enjoy blogging! So I've refocused to blog into something that will still help me, but hopefully still be interesting, for the summer.

College Scholarships.

It doesn't sound all that interesting, I know, but you would be very surprised. I'm hoping that my blogging will allow my to continue filling them out too! After all, if I don't what will I blog about? I've filled out a few already, thinking of this post.

The first scholarship, the Amish Dutch Furniture Heritage Essay, I really struggled with, as it asked how my cultural heritage would affect my vocational aspirations, creative value to my future employer and how I will serve my community. The essay itself, once I got past my hurdle, wasn't hard to write. I can churn out essays fairly easily. No, the hardest part was defining my cultural heritage. To me, I am an American. My heritage is Scots-Irish Norwegian predominantly, but my heritage is an American heritage. That wasn't what they wanted though, and I knew it.

These people wanted to know what my culture was, and I couldn't answer. Hm. I had lots of broad strokes, but no defining picture from all of these. So I spent several days re-writing the first paragraph before I finally decided that I could manage this. I wrote about where I grew up, and spent most of my life, because that was a culture I knew, and it was a part of my heritage, though not in my blood.

So I wrote about a coal mining heritage, and how bravery, resourcefulness, and generosity from that culture would help me later on. The biggest hurdle though was defining my culture, where I came from. I admit, I probably still didn't write what they were looking for, but I think I was closer.

The next two are always a favorite of mine. Why? They were quizzes! No joke, these thing are all of, you answer a few questions and enter in a chance. It's less scholarship and more drawing, but still, they can be done fast and easy.

The next scholarship I did was on why it was important to delete cyberbullying. Cute joke with the delete there, guys. It wasn't particularly hard, though focusing on the subject was tricky, as my paper kept wanting to be on why it happens, not why it's important to delete that nonsense.

I also started a Big Dig one which presumes my future descendents will be living in the same home 200 years from now for some inane reason. If I can't manage the same home, how are they doing it? Maybe they rented out whatever building is on that spot in 200 years? This essay topic bothers me. They dig up this object that I purposefully buried and its supposed to set their financial worries to rest.

I think a rubber duck would do this wonderfully myself, though why I would bury a rubber duck is beyond me still. Now I just have to figure out how a rubber duck is going to set anybodies financial worries to rest. I haven't quite got that one down, but I'll think of something.

One Final Byte: Maryland is apparently a very friendly type state.

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