Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week Fifty-Two: The Final Week

This was my last week in Germany, and it has been an interesting one to be sure. My last day of work was Saturday, and when I dropped off my uniforms, nice and clean, on Monday, I was informed several times I would be missed by several different people.

I won't say that I will miss the work. There is little to miss in Fast Food work. If anyone has ever done it before, they know exactly what I mean. But I will miss my coworkers, who made work a fun place to go. Well, relatively fun. They were fun at least, and very much a family.

I will definitely miss them. I ended up seeing the Avengers with one of my friends from work also, and her friends came along as well. It was interesting. Her friends that is. The movie was really super awesome amazing, and I would not mind seeing it again to be sure.

I will not ruin it for anyone, but stay all the way until the end, and if you wait through the credits, there is a special scene with a probable next movie, that had me gasp in shock.

It rocked.

I can't wait!

Germany has been good to me, and I am glad I came. It's been a good year.

This won't be long. I despise good byes, I really do, even if it is a goodbye to an entire country. I also have more packing to do, as I am leaving this weekend. I'll be taking the scenic route, and I suspect you'll all want to hear all about it.

It's very scenic. It also involves at least one viking hat.

I'm leaving room in my suitcase for that viking hat.

This time, I promise, not to do anything stupid with my card. It will remain with me, on my person, at all times.

My hotels are all reserved, my plane tickets are bought, and tomorrow my boxes will ship out. Then I'll be back in the states.

About the's not going anywhere guys.

I'll still post every Wednesday. My adventures will just have changed! I may even have a second blog up and running again, something I abandoned awhile back. We'll see. I'd like to get a few posts of that written before I start up again.

There will be an official announcement on that soon. Give me two weeks to get settled in Stateside again. I'll be staying in Maryland with my grandparents. It should be an adventure and a half. My grandparents are two very fun people.

I can't wait to be back in the states, to see what's changed since I was gone. A year is both a long and a short time, after all, and who knows what happened there while I was all the way over here! The news can only tell so much after all.

One Final Byte: I regret nothing about my year in Europe.

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