Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Settling in

Oh wow, what a week! I may be more busy than I thought. I didn't actually finish all the scholarships on this week's list because I had somewhere to go several days. Still, I got several done and discovered one scholarship that is just too creepy for the likes of me.

To start with, I finished the Big Dig scholarship, having decided that in 200 years, a rubber duck will be very valuable. Why? Because by then, no one will make things of plastic, and absolutely everyone loves rubber ducks. I am convinced. Someone make a time machine, so we can go check this out. I approve of the concept entirely.

I also entered in a sweepstakes billed as a scholarship where I had to take a quiz about comic book superheroes. Needless to say I passed. It was not the least bit hard. They were all major heroes who had all been in movies in recent years. The images were from early nineties comics though, which was odd. I expected their more modern images.

As for that creepy scholarship? It was one to raise awareness of teen pregnancy. Girls sign their guy friends up for texts. They can enter up to five guy friends for a chance to win. It's just a wee bit invasive in my opinion and a bit creepy. So no thank you. I avoided that one.

Oh hey, Western Union has this Thanks a Thousand Sweepstakes billeted, once again by Fastweb, as a scholarship. Fastweb has this thing. about half their so called scholarships are in fact sweepstakes. I suppose money is money, but I do wish they wouldn't call them scholarships when the page clearly says sweepstakes. Even the title did, but in the award type column, it says, no joke 'scholarship.'

This one who could write a note, make a short video, and use a picture to say thanks. Um... I wrote a note. I also entered it twice. They encourage you to enter daily, but like I said, I've been busy.

The last one I did was the scholarship, which was all about principles and how they are important in your life. This was another essay that got re-written fifty times it seems. I was havign trouble sticking to the question.

I never got around the the Hit the Books scholarship, but it's got a few months before its due. On Friday though, I plan on posting a scholarship on my blog as it is, you guessed it, a blogging scholarship. "America's Best Blogging Scholarship" is the name, and it's all about our favorite presidential candidate. Bare minimum of 300 words, which, face it, I just don't have written yet, as I don't particularly like any of the candidates. This includes independents and people who dropped out of the race. Urgh, people. Just Urgh.

But like I said, I've been busy!

I have a job now, though I start either today or next week. Today I get to be put in the system. It'll be fun. I joined a very active Sunday School group at my grandparent's church, who apparently do something at least twice a week, not including Sunday School.

They're a great group and really friendly. I'm glad, as I admit I was nervous. Bible study, plus a social night each week, as I understand it, though I could be wrong. Either way, I hope my hours at work will let me attend as much as I can.

I also got my sewing machine in! I'm in the process of making a skirt now. Wish me luck. It's from a pattern which is something I've never done before. I don't know how this is going to pan out, at all! I picked up way too much fabric for it all by the way, so plan on use the excess to make a bag and a shirt. It'll be pretty.

I also ended up repacking some of my boxes, but not all, as some of them are rather badly damaged.  It'll probably end up re-packing the already packed boxes into, you guess it, new boxes beore I leave though.  The ones I have are rather dangerously used by this point, and, let's face it, there's only do many times a box can go through the mail.

One Final Byte: Why is planning to get to school difficult.

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