Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lookit! A logo!

Everybody stop!  Look up the page.  Just a little bit.  That’s right.  There.  Check it out.  I have a logo!  Okay, so it could totally look sharper and more professional, but I happen to like it.  I might neaten it up sometime, but I might not. 

Now quick!  Look to the left of the screen.  Check out that background.  Isn’t it a pretty background?  Yes?  Alright.  First you see flowers.  Now if you shift your focus just slightly, you see diamonds.  The flowers, by the way, are totally accidental.  How do I know that?  Because I drew that too.  Also, Tiling is really hard to figure out how to do, just so you know.

Art may not be my forte, but I do like it.  I’m willing to bet you all know what a change in background means though!  That’s right! A new season for the blog!  This one called Charger Season, because look at me, moving in today to the Home of the Chargers, University of Alabama in Huntsville!

Who are the Chargers?  That is an excellent question.  I have no clue, however, so it shall have to remain an excellent question.  Maybe I’ll answer next blog.  Probably, I won’t.  I like to ask questions here and never answer them.  Either way, their colors are blue and white, I believe.  I would claim the blue is in their honor, but let’s be honest.  I just really like the color blue.  It happens to be my favorite.

Summer ends today for me, and I’m back in school again.  Classes start next week, of course, but I do have to get settled into the dorm.  It’s been a wonderful summer, and I’m glad to have had it.  I managed to cut down on boxes I’m bringing to the dorms, and put more stuff in a smaller space than ever before.

I think I’m becoming a little too talented at packing for my own tastes.  Let’s see if I can hold still for a few months.

Psh. Nah, who am I kidding?  These feet were made for wandering, and that’s just what I’ll do.  I already know that much!  I can’t wait for school to begin again!  I’m hoping for some challenging courses so I can properly learn what I need to know.  Hopefully, I’ll find a part time job as well, which I’ve been told isn’t that hard, on or off campus.

I’m already going to be looking into joining a co-op for next year.  That’s basically work experience set up by the college.  You do get paid for it, and the college claims it will ‘pay for a substantial part of you college education.’  We shall see UAH.  We shall see.

Regardless, UAH’s co-op programs seem to be set up as a semester of full time class, then a semester of full time work.  They do have a part-time course load/part-time co-op work possibility as well, though you have to discuss that.

Either way, we’ll see how it turns out. 

One of my roommates contacted me as well!  I have been reassured that a lot of people bike in Huntsville, especially on campus, and that a lot of people don’t have cars. Phew!  What a load off my bike.  I like bike-able cities.  Either way, I can’t wait to poke around on my lovely bike (it matches my purse!) and see what Huntsville has to offer.

One Final Byte: When nervous, I cook.  I made many candies.


  1. Wheh! Calm down! Love the new look and you will be awesome of course. Excited for you and keep us updated on here!

  2. Hang a tapstry from some art student up there on the white wall.