Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week Two: Bike rides, Weight Loss, and a Broken Sewer Pipe

What a week!  A good one of course.  The first week of school is enver ery fast I fear, though I have learned how very interesting it can be to navigate a crowded sidewalk on a bike.

That’s code for I hit a tree again, and then my bike crashed to the ground between two cars later on, when some kid on a skateboard knocked into me.  I was left looking rather pleased with myself.  You see, despite that the bike crashed I landed perfectly on my feet, the frame of the bike between them, and the two cars on either side of the bike not even touched.  I have discovered my true talent!  I excel at crashing without a scratch!

Unless a tree is involved, then the bike is okay, and I’m not.  Ah well.  We can’t win them all.  Speaking of winning!  Well, I don’t know the results yet, and won’t until Thursday at the absolute earliest.  However I did try out to be in two plays.  If you are in one, you can’t be in the other obviously.  I’m rather more hoping for being in The Tempest than in A Bright New Boise, however either way will be nice!

I also managed to organize my room.  That’s right. I’m organized.  It’s a miracle!  My room is nice and clean right now.  For now.  We’ll see how long that lasts!

I’m only taking four classing right now, whereas most on campus take five or six.  In fact, this campus encourages you to take between 16 and 21 credit hours a semester, though some people are taking even more, with special permission.

I think I’ll stick to my measly 13 for now.  At some point, after all, chemistry will get harder.  I hope.  Besides, we had trouble enough even finding these classes to take!  I’m in pre-calculus, Theater appreciation, German 101, Chemistry 101.  It was difficult to even find these that will go towards my degree, because of how late my registration was, and the trouble with my math credits not transferring.

UAH has a history of that.  Still, My classes are nice so far, and I’ll have plenty of fun in them!  Between German and Chemistry, I don’t really have free time anyway.  Or I won’t after a few more weeks in Chemistry.  The first four are basically all review.  It’s interesting that way.

My only hang up is that I have to go to a special math lab in order to do math homework on the computer there, and I have to spend three hours there each week.   I am thoroughly unimpressed, but I shall live.

More impressive!  How far I bike. On Mondays I bike about 5.5 miles. On Tuesdays, it’s more like three.  Wednesdays it will be around six, I think, though I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ll aim at biking at least 20 miles a week, bare minimum.  I’ve also lost three pounds since last Wednesday.  I intend on losing about that many a week, if I can, until I am back down to a healthy weight. 

All the bike riding ought to help, especially as its half a mile to the cafeteria and half a mile back.  I have to ride my bike just to eat!  Sad day indeed.  I have found a church in the area also, and while another girl is going there too and has been taking me, if she ever chooses not to, that’s fine too.  It’s within biking distance!

Oh! Before I forget.  There’s totally construction going on right next to the dorms, right?  They’re putting in a huge fountain, and landscaping the area very thoroughly, putting in paths, and all that jazz.  Well, sometime between lunch and dinner on Tuesday, they hit a sewer line.

A sewer line.  Next to a dorm, of at least fifty a floor.  They’ve decided to make up for this, we’re supposed to use as little water as possible, and not shower, if we can manage it. Because that is so very hygienic.

My college is very special.  Very, very special.

One Final Byte:  Sometimes, bravery is as simple as starting up.


  1. Dayton said to try to test out of classes that wouldn't transfer. You still have to pay for them but you can move on and not take them but testing out. Just an option that seems interesting.

    1. Sadly, that isn't an option here. That was my very first question. Could I test out? Nope. in order to test out I would have had to get a perfect on the math placement test, and that didn't happen.

  2. Did you apologize to the tree? I am certain the cars were not happy as they did not receive equal treatment as the tree did?