Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nearing Summer's End

Alright! My last burst of traveling for the summer is almost over with everyone.  I arrived in Nashville save and sound, after a harrowing adventure in Orlando.  Getting there was nerve wracking, on the wee little puddle hopper I was in.  It was small enough, though I barely had leg room, and normally I find plane leg room to be quite adequate.  And everyone had to check their carry-ons, because there was just no room under the seats and no overhead compartments at all.  Itty bitty puddle hopper.

Then I got to Orlando.  Orlando is…well, it’s a confusing airport, and you’d best hope you don’t have to change terminals, because if you do you have to exit security, then go through it again, just to get to the other terminal.  Also, because my first flight was with a different airline then my second, I didn’t know my gate number…so had a horrible time getting to the gate.  I did make it though!

Then up to Nashville and to baggage claim, where I was thoroughly surprised by my boyfriend, who snuck up on me.  I had thought I bumped into someone with my back pack.  Nope.  He’s a sneaky man, he is.  Definitely a ninja.  Hm, considering my pirate nature, I worry about this.

I got to spend a half handful of days with him and they were some of my happiest days this summer.  We got to see a movie together, and I got to try on all of his helmets.  He wears a large hat size, so of course they looked ridiculous on me.  The movie was Total Recall which is an absolutely wonderful movie I wouldn’t mind seeing again and highly suggest.  We even went to a history museum, combining my love of museums and his love of history.  It was about Shakers.  Apparently it was both the farthest west and south colony of Shakers that had ever existed.  In the early 1900s though, it ended up closed.

The things you learn.

All around, it was a great visit (that I could say much more on, but I suspect you don’t want to hear, as once started, I don’t shut up about him), and then I was off to my aunt and uncle’s for the rest of the summer.  Boy, this place has changed!

I love their new home.  It’s got an amazing view, and the windows make me happy just to see them.  My stuff was all here, and they’re letting me keep some nonessential stuff with them.  I even got most of my school supplies! I just need some organizing bins now, so keep everything tidy.  Well, that and my textbooks, but I need a class list before I find those out!

I also got a bike for on campus and around town, as cars are expensive things that cost way too much when a bike and a bus pass out to do me.  Amusingly, and quite by accident, the bike matches my purse.  I find I approve!

I’m winding down summer to get everything ready to go for school now.  The year will start soon, and I have a wonderful surprise for the blog when it does.   I can’t wait to unveil it!

One Final Byte:  Shopping for a college dorm? Remember cleaning supplies!


  1. puddle hopper is a small car. Perhaps you meant puddle jumper?

  2. I'm glad to hear that your final trip went well but don't exclude the trip down to college. Maybe that will be an experience too? Who knows?!