Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Week Fifteen: Midnight Classes!

Week Fifteen: Midnight classes!

What a week! Okay, so not really. It's been dullsville here, because,you know, college and all. Those people who swear college will be parties constantly? Yeah right. Only ones with dorms, trust me. All the other colleges are big on, oh, I don't know, learning.

There's been some issues with one of my classes. It didn't get enough students so was dropped. SoI had to sign up for a different one, which isn't working. It's also broadcast all the way from Albuquerque, where it exists as an afternoon class.

This means it starts at midnight and ends at four am for me. In my family, and in human biology, keeping a schedule is very important. In other words, I have to stay up until four am...every night.

This is...not fun. Do you know what happens after 10 pm where I am? Nothing. There aren't even 24 hour gas stations to walk to.

Ah well, it's only until October 7, then I can resume a better schedule. This one is killer. But I will survive! I always do. It's my specialty.

Besides, it's not exactly a hardship, sleeping in until noon. Though I'm still not sure if a midnight class counts as a morning class or evening class.

They've severely slashed my hours at work to account for my college schedule. Sadly, they seem to think I only have weekends free. I have made repeated attempts to disillusion them, to no effect.

One of these days....

One Final Byte: I look like my dog: small and blonde.

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