Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week Sixteen: Math Out My Ears!

Classes and Quarters

Geez, what a week. Class started, but I had two classes dropped, then had one of my other options dropped, leading to three classes dropped total! Between that and math, I'm going nuts, I swear. Still, it's been a lot of fun!

I've ended up having math start this past Monday, and my other classes are all going to start in September, and be online. It's been an adventure! Still, I had a lot of fun.

I have a desk now, just a basic little metal thing. The backing is super glued on, to my glee. The screws they sent were too fat for the metal holes. I also have a dismantled wardrobe in my room, taking up space, and it's probably a good thing I have a bunk bed, as other wise, I wouldn't have a bed to sleep on. All my clothes are on the bed right now. In other words, I can't find anything! It's driving me nutso.

Next up on my list of things needed: nails, an office chair, and two textbooks.

I know, who gets a desk without a chair? Well, the person who only had room for a desk, not a desk and a chair in the car! That's who. And the desk barely fit, despite being one of the furniture in a box sets that you have to put together.

So. First math class was an absolute blast. All of two people had their text books, and one person had the wrong edition. The teacher said that either edition was alright to have. No, I didn't have mine, oops. I felt horribly ill-prepared, not being armed with a book, and not, you know, having had formal math class in years and years. It was a breeze! I remembered everything, but I do have some tables to memorize that I didn't have to memorize in high school. Squares to twelve, and cubes to five. That won't be hard though, as I have them half memorized already.

I'm catching myself up to speed using Khan Academy of course. It's helping a lot, as we're going over all of three chapters, and the third is going to be trig, which I never took. Gulp.

A bit of advice: Take Trig and Calc in high school, even if you hate math, and don't think you'll need them. You never know, and the Boy Scouts have it right: Always Be Prepared.

I have math year round of course, but I'm hoping I won't crash and fail too hard.

And hey! No more midnight madness class for me! Huzzah!

One Final Byte: When you memorize something, memorize it for good.

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  1. Congrats dear sister. You have accomplished more than I. I always brought the book!