Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week Fourteen: Medieval Fairs and Wild life Parks

Week Fourteen: Medieval Fair

I know, we went to another one? But each one if different and in different places. This one was totally a tent city and held next to a wild life park. I wouldn't call it a wildlife park so much as a semi-zoo though.

It was fun, I will admit. Both the fair and the wildlife park! The music was entertaining, and they sang everything from distinctly modern drinking songs in English, to medieval music, and all of it was played on really funny looking instruments that I assume were popular way back when.

We had fun looking around, and I decided that since half the people who go are dressed up, I may make a costume for it myself. I say make it because the el cheapo ones cost 80 Euro, and the really nice ones cost close to 300 Euro, or more.

Dudes. No. Not gonna pay that! As awesome as those outfits are, I really don't want to pay that, because I added at least 30% more to get the amount in US dollars. That means physical pain. So no thanks, I'll make my own, or score something awesome at a thrift shop or something.

So, painful prices aside, I can tell you the weather was wet that day, and only one of the four that went, myself included, had a jacket, because we had judged it warm, and it had been sunny...thirty minutes away.

Er, guys. Never travel without a rain jacket in Germany. The fair was fun. They're more like medieval shopping marts than anything else. Occasional music and entertainment, but mostly shopping.

The wildlife preserve was fun also. There were peacocks! They did not display their tail feathers, sadly, though they did walk close to the littlest and I. It was a lot of fun. We fed the goats and the pigs, some ostriches, and miniature ponies, along with some donkeys. Watching the littlest and the fourteen year old hand feed them was great fun. There was some fear they would bit!

Of course, after this, we say the 'don't hand feed the animals' signs.

We says a whole host of birds, mostly owls, and other predator type birds. It was cute, as they had some baby owls and falcons. There were llamas and deer, and reindeer of all things. The reindeer chased some sheep by the way. It was really funny.

Then, as we entered another gated area, with pigs in it, it started to rain. By this time, we had picked up a German teenager, and his younger two siblings, all in period dress. He was, he told us, a Celtic warrior. He talked. A lot.

No seriously.



I think he was excited to meet us? Apparently, it's a yearly trip for his family, and they live in one of the tents. I'm not certain. I was overwhelmed by his sheer exuberance, so my Dad did much of the talking back. I don't think he even noticed.

So, it's sprinkling right, not a big deal, and we're feeding piglets. Then it begins to really storm.

You read about us not having jackets, right? Yeah, we were lucky there was a shelter. We were gong to wait out the storm, but it lasted quite awhile, and besides, I don't think I could have withstood much longer under the shelter with the German teenager.

So we were soaked as we made our way to shelter and then to the car. We missed out on the foxes, apparently. That's just fine. They were foxes. They look like foxes, and would have been asleep anyway, much like the ferrets, but unlike the gerbils.

All in all, this week has been pretty fun! One of my classes was canceled due to lack of people, but that's okay, I'll sign up for a new one. No big deal. It's college, after all. This stuff happens.

No clue yet. I'll try and go in this week to get ti fixed, but am not certain what day. I did get my eyes looked at. I am no farsighted in both. One day, I will get eye doctors to agree. Until then, I will just accept the prescription they give.

One Final Byte: Base is only really big if you think so.

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