Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week Twelve and Thirteen: Ramblings.

Okay, so whoops. I kind of sort of forgot to post last week! Uh oh! Not much happened anyway, so you'll have to forgive me. I think I had planned a post about, uh, bugs? Yeah seriously, see, not much. So this, this will be a two week post, and you get two final bytes at the bottom to make up for the one I missed.

I'll try and make this one longer too, though no promises! Okay, so. Germany. Land of Wine. Or where I am, it's the Land of Wine, don't ask me about the rest, cause the first answer to Bier, which pretty much makes Germany the land of alcohol, period, full stop. Mind you, I have yet to taste a German beer. There's been no occasion and I am just not tempted to at all.

Having thoroughly lost my train of thought, I shall now attempt to find it. I'm pretty certain it's a hover train dudes, cause this thing wanders off on it's own.

So. As I was saying, I'm in Germany, and even the weeks in which nothing happens are full of fascinating things, like bees the size of my big toe that look like they might be bees, and scare the crude out of me because what if it is African and thinking Homicidal thoughts.

The most fascinating thing I learned this week was about things you are not allowed to say in Germany, and most of them involve World War Two. This includes that man with the funny's mustache and the angry face's name, and his political affiliations or his action upon millions of Jews.

That smacks of stupidity to me. In order to learn from ones mistakes, one has to remember them. Without remembering, it can only happen again and again. In American history we are taught even the most vile things we did in the past, so we know never ever to do that again. We learn about those who died, in sometimes gory detail and are then asked to write about it in an essay or take a test in it so we are sure to remember.

While I am sure there are somethings that aren't mentioned, there are atrocities enough we will admit to having engineered.

That's one of my problems here I believe. That and the lack of a beach. Oh beach, how I miss smelling your salty air and giving up as you steadily ate at my bike. And your sand. And your water. Oh let's face it, Orange Beach freaking rocks!

The other possible topic for last week was the weather, which has been mostly wet and rainy, alogn with cold. That sounds like how London is described to me. Wet. Apparently it's a good ten degree Fahrenheit cooler recently than usual. This is more, I am told, like September last year. Well, September is next month which means- Oh God Winter is Coming.

Those of you from Colorado may or may not remember by reaction to the cold. It made me sluggish at best, grumpy at worst, and please don't let it touch me. Snow is very pretty, and fun to play with, but when it lasts longer than a week then there is some mischief at work. So that's what I'm dreading. And yes, I am already dreading it and summer isn't over yet.

Mostly because I'm not certain most of the time if it is summer. Late spring maybe. The past two days have been warm enough to make me happy, but still. Germany isn't known for it's sun.

Right, so, this blog is technically about my experience in college while in Germany, I just started it over summer break. Classes, by the way, start the seventh of August. I am excited, confused, and slightly miffed. You see, this is a college whose classes are set around working hours, in order to get the most people in it. (A class size of ten is apparently really very big.) I have been working post-working hours...that is, to say, when classes are!

My classes are mostly blended, except for my math class, which is very much not blended at all. This means they are online and at the location. The location won't be too hard to figure out, but the dates! the dates are written military style, so date than month, and sometimes the days of the week change. I have one classes where we meet up six times in person, but everything else is online!

I'm excited but nervous as all get out. There's talk of work on moving me to day shift, and one of day shift to night shift so I can keep working. This would actually work out really well, as they could work me the same hours as my dad, and all of a sudden work and travel gets easier. But the man who normally does that sort of thing is on his honeymoon, so what's going to happen is rather up in the air.

Still, it's fun. I'm taking ASCI 300, HUMN 400, and MATH 111. My math courses, or at least the basic ones, will be done in a year, as it just rolls from one semester to the next. After that, I have to start the three calculus courses. And yes, I did say three. I'll take up to five.

Well, I do want to be an Aerospace Engineer. That means I need a lot of math!

So what does all that mean? It means I'm taking Satellite and Spacecraft Systems, Science and Aviation/Aerospace Technology in Society (Which trumps Values and Ethics!) and College Mathematics for Aviation 1.

Oh Marie, what are all those classes about! You ask, not knowing the can of worms you just opened.

This is what my very silly little course catalog had to say about it.

“Math 111
College Mathematics
for Aviation I (3,0)
3 Credits
This is a pre-calculus course designed
for the student of aviation. Topics
reviewed will include fundamentals of
algebra; linear equations and
inequalities; quadratic equations;
variation; polynomial, rational,
exponential, logarithmic, and
trigonometric functions; radian
measure; right triangle solutions;
vectors; and the laws of sines and
cosines. Prerequisite: ERAU
assessment test, or MATH 106”

Math. I haven't had math in five years. And did I mention I don't remember a thing about, oh, logs, sine and cosines, and what on earth is a radian measure and how do I find a vector again. Oh Lord, be with me as I go through this course, and thank you very much for providing me with the link to Khan Academy, because I am going to need the help. And yet I want to be an engineer. How nuts am I?

Well, the path to happiness is not one of sunshine and daisies, but of a pebble strewn road, wild with new delights.

So that's my Math course. Let's go for the humanities one. Everyone needs a humanities, and this has got to trump values and ethics, which I have my bible for, thank you very much.

“HUMN 400
Science and Aviation/Aerospace
technology in Society (3,0)
3 Credits
Throughout history, science and
technology have consistently
transformed society. From medicine
to communications to the arts and all
points between, our culture is very
much a society of science and
technology. A systemic awareness of
how science and technology both
impact and are influenced by society
is critical to function as a responsible
professional in an increasingly
complex world. This course will
examine the interrelated roles that
science and technology play in
society, with a particular emphasis on
aviation and aerospace.”

So they don't know what it's about either, but found an English major from somewhere else to put it up. Nice. I can't tell is this is the history of the industry, or what. I think it's about how it changed the world. I shall let you all know.

Up for my final course this quarter? Yeah, me too.

“ASci 300
Satellite and Spacecraft
Systems (3,0)
3 Credits
Orbital satellites and spacecraft
are discussed according to
their application, design, and
environment. The power systems,
shielding and communication systems
are reviewed along with their
missions, space environment, and
limitations. The course will be taught
at the introductory physics level.”

Woo Introductory Physics! Also, yay! This sounds like a lot of fun. I was totally talked out fo a class in which I would have gotten to work on airplane engines by the way. It was a great temptation. A great, great temptation, especially when I found out, and was rather compelled strongly, to do payment plans. Payment plans! This is an awesome college. I love it already, and totally gave my adviser a huge when she told me that. She deserved it for bringing it up, cause let me tell you, Burger King is fun, but man, fast food will kill you.

Speaking of, work. Work is hilarious and you should all know this. I swore never to work in fast food again, after my last job in fast food, but this is sheer awesome. The coworkers make the job, they really do. And my coworkers make me laugh and make it easy to be happy, even when someone is complaining they are paying way too much for food.

Dudes, it's cheaper than Red Robin, and faster too, and that's what you wanted? We have the only drive thru on base. Do not complain.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention that it looks like the littlest is going to be hanging out here long than we thought! So far she has no departure date, but I can't help but be excited that she's here for longer. She's a pretty awesome littlest, and has mean aim with a stuffed animal. Never did a war of fluffy items end with so many headshots.

Oh, and I did forget, but that's okay, cause I'm adding it now. New laptop! It was totally supposed to be a new desktop, but the laptop had everything exactly the same and was a hundred dollar cheaper. Compared to my itty bitty netbook, this screen is so big, I feel like I'm five. I like it!

Week I Missed Final Byte: I see cobblestone sidewalks in every town here.
This Week's Final Byte: The bees here are kind of scary indoors.

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  1. Babe says your writing has gotten so much better and I agree darling. We miss you and so does the salty air. You are loved.